Friday, August 25, 2006

Online Photo Album

Sorry it took so long, but after sorting through all the adults' pictures I finally uploaded a bunch of pictures to a web site. You can also order prints directly from the site. The link to the photo album is:

The album is divided into days. Click on the thumbnail picture to bring up the individual picture, then click the picture again to see the "full size" picture. (The pictures on the web site are not full size as taken on camera, so if you want a larger size, email me.)

For those that don't know, Sherry has CDs that contain most of the adults' pictures as well. There are enough copies for all the trip's participents, so if you are in church sometime, stop by to see Sherry to pick up your CD. However, there are some pictures on the web site that were not included on the CDs, if you would like to obtain a copy of any particular picture, just email me (

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Day ? - Monday... I think

"Home Sweet Home"!!! Well, we all made it back safely yesterday (Sunday) around 6-ish. Families glad to be reunited, and tons and TONS of stories to be told. Keep an eye out on the web site as I will continue updating it with pictures and perhaps other tales to be told, and I'll try to get some feedback directly from the kids.

To the kids, I'm very proud of you all. You did lots of good work, and you worked very hard at that. I hope you all enjoyed your time in New York and the various locations we visited. I know I sure did! Brandon, Caerlina, Candice, Elizabeth, Erin, Justin, Nicole, Ryan, Simeon & Solomon, thanks for making this trip a wonderful experience for us all. Hope to see more of you around St. Peters.

Philippians 1:3
- Chad

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day 8 - Saturday

It's 7:21 AM, the kids are having breakfast and we will hit the road right after that. We're headed out to Niagara Falls, then to St. Luke just outside of Buffalo, where Dwight, an old school mate of Nathan's set us up for a cookout for dinner. Then after some slight "detours", finally arriving at Pioneer Camp, to settle for the night before our final trek home. See you all real soon!
(but not until we find Sherry's elusive pink bear)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 7 - Friday

It was Friday that I finally was able to get a shot of the early sunrise, waking up slightly earlier than our (myself, Sherry & Nadia) morning walk. A beatiful sight from the campgrounds, and a perfect vision to begin our final day at SonRise.

For once, I'm actually writing this on the day of... but it'll also be incomplete as the day is not over. As I am typing (yes Bram, this is Chad handling the blog updates), the kids are all out swimming or kayaking with Nathan, and Walt & Cathy are driving back from dropping Sherry off at the airport. We spent our last day of work helping the Orphan Grain Train sort out some of the clothing and packing them for shipping. The folks of the Orphan Grain Train were sincerely touched by the work that we all put forth to help them out of their situation (they were being suddenly evicted from their donated storage facilities). They were emotionally moved by our efforts, and personally thanked us that night at our bible study back at the camp.

I wanted to share some of my personal reflections as the week is winding down (this will probably be my last entry until we return to Schaumburg). The week for me has been a completely awesome experience (my second mission trip, first with St. Peters), and the group has been the absolute best. Kids are kids, as we all know, but I have been thoroughly impressed throughout the week by them. Dispite being the youngest group at the camp, our kids have been the first complete group up and ready for morning devotion/praise, and they have been working their little tails off without hardly a complaint. In my personal opinion, they have been the most well behaved on camp, and the most prompt to camp events (can you believe that?). The conditions are hardly what they are used to on a regular basis, but they are definitely enjoying their time here doing God's good work. They were a very cohesive group, and they all bonded well with each other, as well as with the adults, especially Nathan. You should all be proud of these youth as they have provided a great inspiration for all of us. I'm sure you'll be hearing lots of stories from all of us who participated, as there were a ton of exciting and enjoyable experiences to last for a while... or as Simeon and Solomon say, "until next year when we come back".
- Chad

Day 6 - Thursday

Well, as the work load requested, our group is headed back out to help the Orphan Grain Train once again. There is one last trailer load of clothes that needs to be moved, and then a majority of what we moved has to be hand-picked and sorted through for quality control, designated as winter vs summer items, and packed for shipping. We got the moving completed and helped a little with the sorting, but their is still so much work to be done, enough probably for us to stay another week.... but don't worry parents, we still plan on being back on Sunday. The kids had a little bit of free time again this afternoon and most of them went swimming. After nightly devotions the kids made smores on the camp fire. Another enjoyable day has passed with lots of God's good work being done.

As a side note, being isolated out in the "wilderness" (where cellular service is scarce) has left us completely oblivious to the events that took place this week. If Sherry had not been flying home to attend a wedding, and if we had not been in contact with Jaime (who was flying out today headed to Panama), we would not have known of the developments with the terrorist plots that unfolded. Even the camp staff were somewhat unaware of the specifics in the news. It was surprisingly easy to forget about all the "distractions" of the world, especially when there is so much to do here (not just the work we were brought here to do, but also keeping an eye on the kids).